TRUMETER 7932 Preset counter and timer with one relay output

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TRUMETER 7932 Preset counter and timer with one relay output

This versatile up and down counting preset counter and timer with prescaler has a variety of innovative and attractive features. New ideas in development and adherence to the highest standards in production enable piece counting and time counting in one device. The counting inputs are optically isolated and can be sink (NPN) or source (PNP). The count value is shown on the main display and the preset value is shown on the secondary display. Reset can be remote, manual or automatic with the option of manual override.


  • Supply voltage 85-265 V AC or 10-26 V DC
  • Auxiliary output 12 V DC
  • Programmable to time or pulse counter
  • Preset value 1-999999
  • adjustable to max. 3 decimal places
  • Scaling factor multiplication 0.00250-9.99999, division 1-99999
  • Counting input VDC, NPN, PNP
  • slow count input 12-240 V DC, max. 10 Khz
  • Fast counting input 5-30 V DC, max. 30 Hz
  • Reset manually, externally or automatically
  • 1 output relay 5 A as NC or NO contact
  • EEPROM data memory
  • Backlight
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 48 x 48 x 93 mm
  • CE, UL and cUL tested

Data sheet

Operating instructions


7922 and 7932 use an EEPROM to save the programming and count values. This is done by monitoring the internal power supply of the meter.
If the external supply voltage is switched off, the internal voltage drops accordingly and this is registered by a special circuit and the backup mechanisms are activated so that all relevant data are saved in the non-erasable memory. In addition, a so-called "checksum" is generated, which is also stored in the memory.
When the external voltage is switched on again, the processor reads the data from the memory, generates a checksum and compares it with the stored one. If the new checksum is different from the previously stored one, the processor interprets this as an error and assumes that there is a data error. This results in the message "ERR CH", which signals a data error.
This error can be caused by a defect in the processor, in the EEPROM, or by external voltage peaks. If the error occurs due to external voltage peaks, this can be avoided by using suitable filters. To eliminate this error, a "Power Up Reset" is necessary.

  1. Switch off the power supply.
  2. Press the PROG key and Digit 5 key at the same time and keep them pressed.
  3. Switch on the power supply again while the buttons are pressed. Keep the buttons pressed for approx. 15 seconds until 7922/7932 appears on the display.
  4. The EEPROM memory is now reset to the basic values and the counter must be reprogrammed.

Additional information

Supply voltage

230 V AC

Switch output