CIRCUTOR MyeBOX-150 portable power analyser configurable with app

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MYeBOX is a series of configurable portable power analysers that perform remote analysis of available electrical parameters. MYeBOX measures and records the electrical parameters in single-phase, two-phase or three-phase power networks with or without neutral.

The app is connected to the device to display the measured values in real time, fully configure the device, start or stop data recording, send the recorded data to MYeBOX Cloud and even access the memory data to display it graphically or in tables. The remote connection option allows the measured data to be analysed without the need to change locations. It is also possible to send the recorded data to a data storage device for later analysis with PowerVision Plus.

The device can be configured directly using the capacitive keypad and menu options on the display, while the top-of-the-range MYeBOX 1500 simultaneously measures residual currents, power quality parameters in accordance with EN 50160 and records transients.


MYeBOX can be used to:

  • Complete studies of an electrical installation.
  • Analyses of consumption, load profiles, voltage disturbances of an installation, display of waveforms, harmonic studies or measurement of flicker, among other options.
  • audits and remote analyses.

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