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Hours meters

Operating hours counter are used on machines to record the number of hours the machine is in operation. The counter module is connected to the on-board power supply. As soon as the machine starts, the counter starts counting. Time recording. The counter stops when the machine is switched off. The recording of the Operating hours is important for compliance with maintenance intervals or inspections. Furthermore, the recording of operating hours can be used for billing purposes, such as for rental equipment.

Product information hour meters

Depending on the requirements, the counters are available in different versions. If the machine is used outdoors, meters with a suitable IP protection class are recommended. These are usually mounted with a seal and are particularly protected against splash water, dust and other environmental influences. The display is available with an electromechanical or electronic LCD display. Electromechanical displays offer the advantage that the measured value is also displayed when there is no power supply to the meter. Meters with electronic display, on the other hand, have the advantage that the counting range can be set flexibly. For example, it is also possible to record minutes and seconds. In order to display the measured value even without a power supply, electronic hour meters are equipped with an integrated battery that supplies the meter.