Temperature and humidity transmitter

The transmitters are equipped with sensors for measuring temperature and humidity. The measured values are converted internally by a transducer into signals that can be used by controls such as Temperature and humidity controllers can be processed. Typical measurement signals used in industrial applications are 0/4 to 20 mA and 0 to V analogue signals. Another possibility for transmitting measured values is an RS485 Modbus protocol. This can also be used to process the transmitted measured values.


Analogue output


Application principle Temperature and humidity transmitter

The temperature and humidity in rooms is monitored and controlled by the combination of transmitter, measured value transmission and control. Climate control is important when storing and transporting food and materials or when breeding and keeping animals and plants, in order to create ideal climatic ambient conditions. Depending on the product variant, the transmitters also have their own display so that the values can be read directly on site by the user.

Areas of application

  • Building
  • Greenhouse
  • Food production
  • Cold storage
  • Climate control
  • Textile storage
  • Laboratory
  • Cleanroom