Rogovski coils

Rogovski coils detect the magnetic field that arises when Alternating current flows through an electrical conductor. The Current sensor provides a signal corresponding to the current, which can then be processed by measuring instruments. The measuring sensors are particularly suitable for retrofitting systems, as the coil can be detached. This means that they can be attached to cables or busbars without having to dismantle them first. Further advantages for AC current measurement are the complete suppression of DC influences, very good linearity, low power consumption and high temperature independence. Furthermore, the sensors have very good protective properties, as the measuring signal is separated from the measuring current, which means that the measuring device to which the signal is supplied is protected from the conductor to be measured. The measuring signal is a µV or mV signal per ampere of the current to be measured. During installation, care should be taken to ensure that the coil closure is not close to the current conductor, as this reduces the measuring accuracy. Due to the flexibility of the design, it is also possible to enclose several live conductors at the same time in order to carry out a current measurement.