Funding projects

DPM72-AV2 2020 (single-board solution)

TDE Instruments GmbH is carrying out the development measure "DPM72-AV2 2020 (single-board solution)" from 16.09.2020 to 14.01.2021 as part of the "Innovation Premium" programme of the Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank.

The DPM72 ("Digalox®") was developed in-house by TDE Instruments GmbH over a period of three years and was launched on the market in January 2015 in three versions (DPM72-AV, -AVP and -PP). The graphical panel meter is a technical novelty in its form: The custom-made LCD graphic display not only simulates an analogue pointer display, it is also capable of displaying a variety of technical values as well as history curves and diagrams. The microchip stores measurement data during operation (as long as there is power supply) over a period of three minutes to two weeks. The specially developed software allows the user to configure the device comprehensively, as well as to evaluate the collected data on the PC.
Since its market launch, the DPM72 has been consistently further developed and expanded to include wired and wireless variants.
The previous model DPM72-AV addresses the rather low-priced market within the instrument series. Originally, the unit was planned as a replacement for conventional moving-iron instruments, which are sold for less than 50 € per unit. Unfortunately, this price segment was not achievable due to the previous design and the components used. Contrary to the original planning, the DPM72-AV is therefore too expensive and too complex to produce. In addition, there are design-related problems with the electromagnetic compatibility of the previous model, especially with the sensitivity of the measuring inputs to interference.
In order to remedy the above-mentioned disadvantages, a new design of the DPM72-AV as a single-board solution is planned.

Market launch of innovative products

TDE Instruments GmbH is carrying out the development measure "Design, marketing, sales, advertising and production of a pilot series for the Europe-wide market launch of digital measuring systems with wireless connection in the form of a Digalox® I4.0 product family" in the programme "Market launch of innovative products - Market launch phase - MEP grant" of the Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - from 19 November 2019 to 28 August 2021.

According to a survey by the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), 52.9% of the companies surveyed stated that they use recorded machine and process data to optimise resource consumption in production. Large untapped potentials are still seen in the areas of energy efficiency and Industry 4.0 (I4.0). Accordingly, depending on the application, not inconsiderable potential or savings effects (up to 25%) can be expected in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Close-knit networking is required to tap into this potential.
In order to meet these complex requirements and offer individual solutions to modern SMEs, a number of products from the Digalox® measuring device series already available on the market have been equipped with Industry 4.0 features as part of a collaboration with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (HTWD) and the Fraunhofer Institute Dresden (FID). Since its first appearance on the market in 2015, the DPM72 Digalox® measuring device series has been expanded by several models and diverse functions in order to be able to serve customer wishes and requirements.
During the development phase, wireless mesh radio technologies could be tested in a practical way in an I4.0 test environment at HTWD in order to find robust, more flexible and more economical alternatives to the fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks that have prevailed up to now. Solution approaches for the automated registration, discovery and use of system components and their services as well as for integration at network, information and application level were also tested and implemented.
The successful completion of the cooperation between TDE, HTWD and FID enabled a total of two new developments (Digalox Gateway & Digalox XBEE Stick) to be completed and ten Digalox® measuring devices (DPM72 XBEE & DPM72 Modbus in five variants each) to be equipped with I4.0 features. These will be prepared and promoted for Europe-wide sales during the course of the measure, and after completion the products will be transferred to the normal sales cycle.