Rotary encoder for precise position determination

Rotary encoders are sensors capable of measuring and monitoring the angular and rotational speed of machines. They are crucial for industrial automation and robotics as they provide important feedback to machine controllers to ensure accurate and efficient performance.

Encoder type

Measurement type


Rotary encoders are important components in automation technology and are used for position determination and motion detection. There are various types of rotary encoders that differ in their mode of operation and areas of application. Optical encoders are very precise and are used in measurement technology, while magnetic encoders are used in industry due to their robustness and insensitivity to interference.

An important factor in choosing the right encoder is its resolution, which influences the accuracy of the position determination. The resolution is given in steps per revolution and should meet the requirements of the particular application.

Overall, encoders are indispensable components in automation technology and play an important role in controlling motion sequences. Careful selection of the right encoder can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of automated processes.