EMKO IPERTU Process I/O process control module

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IPERTU Process I/O process control modules with analogue inputs can be configured via a mini-USB 2.0 connection. Depending on the process, these can work together with an IPERTU CPU module or a Proop HMI. Furthermore, with the programmable parametric structure, they can also operate as stand-alone DIN rail process control devices without the need for an additional controller or Proop HMI.

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without, 1x universal, 2x thermocouple, 2x universal, 2x analogue, 4x analogue, 4x thermocouple, 4x universal, 8x digital, 16x digital


without, 1x transistor, 4x transistor, 4x relay, 8x relay, 8x transistor, 14x relay, 15x transistor


1x analogue, without


1x RS485 and 1x miniUSB, PLC BUS