TRUMETER 2600 Cable length measuring device with mechanical counter or rotary encoder for length measurement of cables, wires and ropes up to 76 mm diameter.

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Trumeter 2600 cable length measuring device for cables, ropes, hoses and wire ropes from 6 mm to 76 mm in diameter.

High-performance cable length measuring device that measures the length of cables, wires, ropes, hoses, extrusions or continuous strips from 6 mm to 76 mm in diameter. The swivel arm supports the precision measuring wheel with a circumference of 500 mm. The shaft that carries the measuring wheel rotates in a double ball ring mounted in the swivel arm. Polyurethane coated or knurled aluminium measuring wheels are available.
If the variant with encoder is used, the pulses can be transmitted to a preset counter, process controller or PLC.


  • Measuring range 99999.9 m
  • Suitable for cables and wire ropes from 6 mm up to 76 mm diameter
  • Robust cast aluminium frame with integrated mounting flanges
  • Available with mechanical meter counter or rotary encoder

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Rotary encoder, mechanical counter