TRUMETER 3602 mechanical counter suitable as meter counter or revolution counter

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0.5 m/revolution | Forward: 2 pieces in stock
0.5 m/revolution | Reverse: 3 pieces in stock

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TRUMETER 3602 mechanical meter counter with 6-digit display

This robust mechanical meter counter totals revolutions on many different types of production machines and can be used as a revolution counter or, when used with a measuring wheel, as a metre counter. The display is located on the front. The model is built for continuous use at high speeds. The main shaft of the mechanical counter runs in double-oiled bearings, ensuring accurate, long-lasting and trouble-free operation. The mechanical meter counter can be driven from one or both sides. The reset lever can be mounted on the left or right side of the mechanical meter.


  • Very hard wearing
  • 6-digit display 99999.9 m
  • up to 3000 counts per minute
  • Zero position with lever

Additional information

Rotation ratio

0.5 m/revolution

Direction of rotation

backwards, forwards