TDE Instruments Digalox® DPM72-MPN+ digital panel meter

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TDE Instruments Digalox® DPM72-MPN+ with hour meter, ampere-hour meter and energy meter

The Digalox® DPM72-MPN+ offers all the functions of the DPM72-MPN variant. In addition, the functions operating hours counter, ampere-hour counter and energy counter are available. Furthermore, the selection of interfaces has been extended by the RS485 and XBEE variants. This means that data can now also be transmitted via radio. This offers the advantage that the individual measuring devices can communicate with each other and enable the creation of a mesh network.

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Graphic display

Measuring input

500 V AC, ±500 V DC, 60 mV AC/DC, 10 to 1000 Hz



Supply voltage

12 to 24 V AC/DC

Switch output

2x optocoupler

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