TDE Instruments Digalox DPM72-MP Graphical DIN meter for 500V/10A AC/DC with multiple display RGB

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Graphical multiple measuring device with RGB display and USB interface.

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Voltmeter and ammeter built-in instrument with graphic display, RGB backlighting and USB interface

Graphical measuring device, combines the advantage of the easy readability of an analogue display with the accuracy of a digital measuring device.

The multi-display with RGB lighting can display up to four parameters simultaneously and threshold values can be provided with individual colour warnings.

The comprehensive measurement types (volts AC/DC, current AC/DC, frequency, power, cosine phi) are supported. The device can be switched between the individual measurement functions during operation using a switching contact.

The minimum and maximum values of a maximum of four parameters are recorded and can be activated and reset using a jumper or external switch. The device records the measured values of a parameter over a period of three minutes to 14 days. The time range and the display of the graph of the measured values can be changed using an external switch. The values remain stored as long as the device is supplied with power.

The following parameters can be configured using the associated USB configuration software: Scale deflection, scale labelling, display design (pointer, tachometer, bar, etc.), start graphic, illumination colour, threshold values for the alarm outputs, colour warning per threshold value (illuminated or flashing), hysteresis and much more. The software can be used to read out the measured values in the measurement memory and to activate continuous transmission of measured values for up to four parameters. The measured values can be analysed graphically within the software and exported as a CSV file.

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  • Graphic display 16 grey scales with RGB backlighting
  • Pointer graphics and digital display
  • Multiple display of up to 4 parameters
  • Measuring range voltage AC 0 - 500 V, DC ±500 V
  • Measuring range current AC 0 - 10 A, AC 5 A for current transformers, DC ±10 A
  • Measuring range frequency 10 - 1000 Hz
  • USB interface, galvanically isolated
  • Customisable scale deflection and labelling
  • Measured value recording for up to 14 days
  • Alarm outputs with customisable threshold values, galvanically isolated
  • Individual alarm illumination colour
  • Customised start screen
  • Various display designs available, e.g. speedometer, bar graph, history display
  • Real-time measured value transmission
  • Bimetallic function (averaging)
  • Supply 12 to 24 V AC/DC or via USB (min. 5 V), galvanically isolated
  • Measuring accuracy ±1 % true RMS
  • PC software for customised configuration and measurement data recording included

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