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TDE Instruments Digalox DPM72-MP+-DIN


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TDE Instruments Digalox DPM72-MP+-DIN Modbus measuring units for current & voltage signals

Innovative, individual and multifunctional: The DPM72-MP measuring devices+ and DPM72-MPN+ for electrical quantities are characterised by extensive functions and configuration options. Suitable for measuring the comprehensive types of measurement (volts AC/DC, current AC/DC, frequency, power, cosine phi), the measuring devices are equipped with extensive functions. The individual configuration of the devices as well as the real-time transmission of all measured values is guaranteed by the Modbus interface. Thus, the DPM72 measuring devices are versatile and enable a wide range of use for industrial applications. The multifunctional measuring devices are particularly in demand in the area of monitoring machine and operating data and are suitable for modernising outdated systems, as they are especially suitable for retrofitting. In addition, they can be mounted on DIN rails as well as, through corresponding holes on the housing, on other backgrounds.

Extensive customisability via software

Using the configuration software „Digalox Manager“ the measuring devices can be set up individually. Once set up, the DPM72 transmits your measured values reliably and in real time. The software allows you to read out the measured values in the measuring memory, which can then be evaluated graphically and exported as a CSV file.

Switching outputs

Two galvanically isolated alarm outputs enable an alarm to be triggered and switch-on or switch-off operations to be carried out when individually adjustable threshold values are reached.

Modbus interface
The RS485 Modbus interface of the DPM72 meters ensures both configuration and transmission of all measured values. The RS485 Modbus protocol corresponds to the established industry standard, which means that the DPM72 measuring devices with Modbus interface can be universally combined with existing Modbus devices from other manufacturers. This makes it possible to modernise older or technically obsolete machines (retrofit) without having to replace them in a costly and time-consuming manner.
Radio data transmission 2.4 GHz mesh network

The radio interface makes the DPM72 measuring devices universally applicable. The measured values can be transmitted wirelessly up to five times per second. The measuring network offers a robust connection that ensures continued operation even if individual radio nodes fail. This makes it possible, for example, to modernise older or technically obsolete machines (retrofit) without having to replace them in a costly and time-consuming manner.

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±500 V DC, 0 to 500 V AC, 5 A AC for current transformers, 10 A DC, 10 to 1000 Hz, 10 A AC



Supply voltage

12 to 24 V AC/DC

Switch output

2x optocoupler